The pain and difficulty brought on by mental illness can often cause patients and their caretakers to feel overwhelmed and helpless. I aim to empower my patients through education, therapy, and when appropriate, medication management.

Education: Understanding one’s diagnosis, its underlying causes, and the most effective mode of treatment is an essential component of my care.  I will work with you, utilizing the most up-to-date evidence-based research, so that you understand your or your child’s specific condition.

Therapy: Depending on the patient’s need and ability, I employ psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioral, or play therapy.

Medication Management: For many psychiatric diagnoses, a combination of medication and therapy yields greater benefits than medication alone or therapy alone. I work closely with patients to titrate the dosage of medication to maximize positive results and minimize unwanted side-effects.

Collaborative Care for Pediatric Patients: During a pediatric evaluation, I will consult with the parents/guardians as well as the child in separate interviews. Since the child is likely under the care of various adults throughout his/her day, a collaborative care approach is best.  When deemed necessary and with parental consent, I will collaborate with family members, teachers, school personnel, primary care physicians, therapists, and/or social workers to ensure that the child’s needs and treatment are understood by all those who care for him/her.