If you are interested becoming a patient of Dr. Heyne, call 972-891-9217 and leave a message, or email Heyne@CornerstoneFamilyPsychiatry.com.  Your message will be returned shortly, typically by the end of the next business day.

List of fees*

Payment is due at the time of service. Cornerstone Family Psychiatry PLLC accepts cash, credit cards, debit cards and checks. CFP PLLC does not contract with insurance plans and does not file insurance claims. Contact your insurance company prior to obtaining services to understand your “out-of-network provider” benefits and reimbursements. An invoice or “super-bill” will be provided so that you can submit a claim to your insurance company. Patients are responsible for submitting these claims. 

*Does not include additional lab/drug screen testing, if indicated.

  • New Child or Adolescent Patient Evaluation, up to 90 minutes: $450.00
  • New Adult Patient Evaluation, up to 60 minutes: $400.00
  • Medication Re-evaluation w/ therapy: up to 60 minutes: $300.00
  • Medication Re-evaluation w/ therapy: up to 45 minutes: $225.00
  • Medication Re-evaluation w/ therapy: up to 30 minutes: $150.00
  • Family Therapy with or without patient: up to 60 minutes:  $300.00
  • Afterhour Telephone Consultation: up to the first 15 minutes:  $225.00
  • Forensic or HIMS evaluations/ documentation:  $400/hour

Office Policies

Cornerstone Family Psychiatry PLLC does not provide emergency services. If you are experiencing a life-threatening psychiatric or medical emergency, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room.  Do not leave a message on the CFP PLLC phone answering system or via email.  Once in the safety of the ER, contact Dr. Heyne.

Missed appointments

When you schedule an appointment, that time is reserved specifically for you. If you are unable to keep an appointment or need to reschedule, please do so as soon as possible. You will be charged a fee up to the full fee of service unless we receive a call to cancel/reschedule the appointment 24 business hours prior to the scheduled appointment.

Medication Refill Policy

Refill prescriptions are to be requested during regular business hours.

For same-day refills, the request must be made before 3:30pm Monday through Thursday and before noon on Friday.  Requests after these times may not be filled until the next business day.

CFP PLLC will only refill medication for those patients who are active in treatment.  CFP PLLC will provide you or your child an adequate amount of medication to last up to your next follow up appointment. If a patient’s follow up appointment is cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstance, it is the patient’s responsibility to contact CFP PLLC for refills to last up to patient’s next appointment.

Prescriptions for Buprenophine and Stimulants (e.g. Adderall, Ritalin, Vyvanse, Concerta, Focalin, etc,) are only written during sessions. These medications cannot be phoned in to a pharmacy, and they cannot be refilled. Patients who are taking these medications must schedule an appointment (in person or via phone) before they run out.

Email Policy

Dr. Heyne does not discuss medication questions, psychotherapy issues, or personal matters via email. These matters are best discussed in an appointment or via phone. Any emails you send to Dr. Heyne may be read by office staff, so email communication should only be used for scheduling purposes.